FDA seizes food samples worth Rs 7 lakh during festive season

In a campaign against the adulteration of edible oils, the Food and Drug Administration, between August 31 and September 8, seized up to 96 food samples worth Rs 7 lakhs.

Of the 96 samples, 51 candy samples, six snack samples, seven edible oil samples, 10 ghee and vegetable oil samples and 22 other product samples were collected during the trip up to September 8. Officials said the seized samples will be sent to labs for further quality testing.

This comes after the FDA launched a campaign against the adulteration of edible oils and multi-source edible oils, which are used during festival season. These samples were sent to labs to verify these substandard practices.

Edible oil is sold in large quantities during festivals. During this period, the adulterated oil is also sold in the market in large quantities and hence, to put a stop to it, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) in New Delhi has ordered the FDA to take action against those selling adulterated oil. .

“Before the festive season, we had launched the campaign and started collecting samples of sweets, snacks, ghee and edible oil sold in the market for quality control purposes. The campaign mainly focuses on the identification and verification of adulterated or substandard edible oils used to manufacture foods, sweets,” an official said.

Shashikant Kenkre, Joint Food Commissioner (Mumbai Region), said they have issued guidelines for customers buying sweets. Along with sweets and oils, chocolate and tea powders have been seized on suspicion of substandard products across the city.

According to FDA data, around 2,400 liters of edible oil worth Rs 4,84,822 was seized by FDA during the journey on suspicion of substandard quality and samples are being sent for analysis. Additionally, poor quality chocolates and tea powder worth Rs 2,20,660 were also seized.

“Each year, we carry out a special campaign to check the quality of food, sweets and other food products used during the holiday season. This time, from August 31 to September 8, we have seized 96 samples and these will be sent to labs for strict analysis. action would be taken against those found involved in the adulteration and also against officers who were negligent during the ride,” the co-commissioner said.

According to FDA officials, sweets and snacks consisting of milk, edible oil and vegetable oil (vanaspati) are sold in very high quality in the market during the festive season, which increases the chances of selling inferior and poor quality products. quality products.

The FDA’s special festival inspection campaign will continue through December of this year.

FDA officials added, “We have advised merchants to prepare candies under hygienic conditions and a ‘use by date’ statement must be displayed on candies and snacks for sale.”

If traders are found to be selling substandard food after the analysis, they will be subject to prosecution under the Food Safety and Standards Act of 2006, the FDA said.

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