Eight great Advent calendars filled with food and drink for Christmas 2021


Gin, chocolate, tea, whiskey, craft beer and many more fill the Advent calendars already ordered for Christmas. Photo: Supplied

Counting until Christmas doesn’t have to be stressful, not when you’re armed with an Advent calendar containing 24 different tastes of tea or dozens of small bottles of gin. Yes, it’s really easy to get into the spirit of things with one of these rum or chocolate at home calendars. Order now to make sure it will be there when December 1st arrives.

Alcohol booty

Crazy about gin? Fancy some whiskey? Or are you venturing into the vast world of spirits? Whatever your taste, Liquor Loot has a 30ml schedule to give your cocktail a touch of freshness. Broaden your horizons by trying gin from Spain, whiskey from Taiwan or, in the Spirits Loot Calendar assortment, drops from Venezuela, Martinique and Poland. Tasting notes are included to guide you.
Gin calendar $ 299 for 24 tasters of 30 ml; whiskey calendars starting at $ 329 (various sizes); mixed spirits $ 299 for 24 tasters of 30 ml. ginloot.com.au

T2 tea

Go beyond sencha and orange pekoe with the 24 tea varieties that are right at your fingertips in T2’s ever-popular Advent Calendar. Loose-leaf purists and crusaders for convenience are both catered for, although the selection for those who brew in a pot includes slightly more original creations like berry meringue, mulled wine, and milk from. hen – all will make you count the days until the 25th.
$ 45 for each. t2tea.com

Haigh's created a luxury advent calendar of handmade chocolates, alongside the more classic one.

Haigh’s created a luxury advent calendar of handmade chocolates, alongside the more classic one. Photo: Supplied

Haigh Chocolates

Feel the festive atmosphere instantly amplify when you hang one of Haigh’s fabric Advent calendars in the living room. You can fill it with the perfectly proportioned chocolate squares that make up its special Advent Calendar Pack or choose your own favorites from their ranks, like freckles and frogs. And if you’re in the mood for a living (or really spoiling someone), there’s the luxury calendar for $ 1,075 tidy as well. That kind of money goes to buy 24 handmade chocolates, including one with a Melbourne gin infused fudge center, all enclosed in a handmade red box with gold leaf detailing.
$ 50 for the fabric calendar and 24-piece chocolate set, starting at $ 24.50 separately. haighschocolates.com.au

Beer cartel

So, want to see what’s going on in the craziest nooks and crannies of craft brewing? This 12-can range is a great way to do it, as you (responsibly) count the days until Christmas. Find a new favorite as you weave your way through Nomad’s Freshie, which captures that oceanfront beer feeling with its blend of saltwater and pepper, One Drop’s XPA designed for sunny days or Yulli’s fruity Amanda IPA.
$ 89.99 for 12 cans of 375 ml. beercartel.com.au

Good days as a couple

This elegant wine delivery service has made a name for itself by making food and wine pairing as accessible as possible. This philosophy continues with its 12 Christmas wines, a secret selection of 12 drops that will accompany you through barbecues, impromptu tours and all the other fun of the silly season. There are tasting notes and recipes to give you the full Good Pair Days experience, and three different boxes to suit occasional consumption but also crazy moments.
Starting at $ 295 for 12 x 750 ml bottles and a set of picnic mats and travel knives. goodpairdays.com

The Whiskey Loot Collector's Edition calendar focuses on premium drams from around the world.

The Whiskey Loot Collector’s Edition calendar focuses on premium drams from around the world. Photo: Supplied

Koko Black

Twenty-five of the best pralines from the Melbourne chocolate maker were selected for this gorgeous festive box, featuring fun flavors like spicy eggnog and Christmas pudding alongside more traditional chocolates ranging from white, dark, and milk. A children’s version with simpler and smaller treats is also available. These will sell out quickly.
$ 69.00 for the All-Star calendar, $ 39.90 for the children’s version. kokoblack.com

Drinks at the bar

The wax-sealed drams this British company specializes in, giving whiskey lovers a way to try before they buy and develop their palate, have been bundled into some really pretty Christmas calendars. And there really is something for everyone across the range, whether you love Japanese whiskey, single malts, old world examples, or bourbon.
Starting at $ 185 for 24 tasters of 30 ml, drinksbythedram.com

Booze Bud Beer Calendar

You won’t be counted one craft beer at a time until Christmas; the Booze Bud team will also be there to celebrate the big day with you. Their 25-box selection includes everything from Misty IPAs to Imperial Stouts made by Hop Nation, Capital, Moon Dog, Akasha, Bad Shepherd and more. Plus, there are six herbal teas specially made for Booze Bud so you can celebrate with all of your friends what you got (read: bought yourself) for Christmas. And if beer isn’t your thing, check out the Cider Calendar which has a lot more to it than apples.
$ 114.99 for 25 cans of 375 ml. boozebud.com

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