Easter 2022: Our Easter Egg Trail through Chennai is full of fun toppings!

We embarked on a fun adventure this week. The mission: the hunt for extraordinary treasure eggs. And damn it, we did. From chocolate meringue nests to seashells dressed in uniforms to Easter egg cake! Feast your senses and grab a hammer because this is going to be one mind-blowing ride…

Excellent idea
So what do you want to be when you grow up? Taj Coromandel’s new selection of Uniformed Easter Eggs features bespoke creations featuring chef and medic smocks, as well as armed forces. Opt for eggs made from 70% Belgian chocolate, single origin milk chocolate from Madagascar or single origin milk chocolate from Java with fillings such as gianduja chocolate cubes, macaroons, truffles and pralines. At La Patisserie, INR 1,500 each. Order a day in advance.

Let them eat cake!
Hot Breads has all the traditional favorites this time of year. But we are especially curious about their “Easter egg cake”, which is a new addition. Marrying an Easter egg half shell filled with Hot Breads’ signature chocolate truffle layers – this creation promises an element of surprise when you unwrap it, as well as an interesting texture pairing. INR 1065. Also look out for its beefier cousin, the “Jumbo Egg”, which stands 25cm tall and weighs 650g with fillings like chocolate covered almonds, cashews and raisins, plus marzipan. INR 890. At Hot Breads outlets.

Black magic
This gourmet egg in 70% dark chocolate is filled with peanut candies, cashew nuts and coconut praline. We like it, it’s vegan, organic and made with chocolate of Indian origin and handcrafted in Auroville. At Mason & Co and Bread & Chocolate, Pondicherry. INR 450 per piece.

golden eye
We Still Haven’t Forgotten Gayathri Sivasankaran’s Dragon Eggs Inspired By games of thrones, Last year. This time, former pastry chef Taj, who also trained at Cordon Bleu, London, handcrafted Callebaut Belgian milk chocolate and golden chocolate couverture eggs to order. Each decorated egg measures 4 inches tall, filled with an assortment of mini chocolate eggs, colorful sprinkles and caramel truffle balls. Priced at INR 450 per egg. Other menu highlights are its chocolate meringue nests which, like mini pavlovas, are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside; topped with chocolate ganache and mini chocolate eggs (INR 800 for four nests) as well as Swedish Semla Buns which are cardamom flavored brioche buns with a filling of marzipan and topped with a swirl of whipped cream (INR 650 for six rolls). DM @goya.patissiere on Instagram.

Pink piñatas!
If you like the sound of a good ol’ crack, this piñata-inspired Easter basket from baker Maria Priyanka takes the cake. And the pink theme immediately catches our attention. Expect heart-shaped piñatas filled with sponge cake and buttercream and an Easter egg with mini chocolates. INR 1,600. DM @mariascookies.chocolates on Instagram.

espresso yourself
Preethi Antony, a chef trained at Le Cordon Bleu in London, offers premium white chocolate eggs with two topping options – Serbian raspberry cream and espresso mousse with Biscoff cream. Also expect a mini hammer to crack your egg. Order a “fun size” egg which is five times the size of a regular egg and weighs 500g, INR 1,200 or a matching basket of six,
INR 950. DM @choco.chef on Instagram.

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