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Chef Alan Marchetti | Auro Chocolate

Solaire unveils its latest partnership with one of the country’s most sought-after chocolatiers, Auro Chocolate, at an exclusive one-night tasting dinner titled “Chocolate Harvest: Farm-to-Table Degustation.” On April 28, 2022, at the luxury resort’s Finestra Italian Steakhouse, guests can see Italian heritage and Filipino excellence come together to champion sustainability and uplift communities.

The event features a 6-course menu with dishes rooted in classic Italian cuisine infused with fine Filipino chocolate. Chef Alan Marchetti draws inspiration from his home country and pushes the boundaries of the conventional by experimenting with the familiar and the new

The 6-course menu includes different parts of the cocoa, giving distinct taste notes and mouthfeel. The first entree is an earthy but refreshing tuna ceviche with pleasing undertones of astringency and cocoa spice for an extra bite, while the second is an oxtail vaccinara that draws attention to living history. of the Romans by pairing meat with fresh, pine undertones.

The pasta dish features a luxe pairing that will have your senses leaning in for a closer look. An explosion of overwhelming depths of foie gras, chocolate and porcini mushroom flavors will envelop you in a tender sweet-salty balance punctuated by a delicate hazelnut that lingers.

The fish dish is delicately infused with hints of cocoa for a subtle tone of sweet vanilla complemented by a light earthiness from the bed of mash on which it sits. The next is a lamb tenderloin cooked to a precise temperature while immersed in the dense silkiness of cocoa butter. To end the meal, a dessert trio of chocolate exuberance made up of different Auro chocolates will delight you with a myriad of taste combinations that will ignite the fireworks.

The new partnership between two of the country’s biggest brands was initiated by Solaire’s Vice President for Kitchen, Chef Michael Dinges, a staunch sustainability advocate who emphasizes farm-to-table practices as a way to support local farms.

In addition to the culinary treat, Solaire’s Finestra is also officially introducing its new signature retail chocolates made in collaboration with Auro Chocolate. These exclusive, limited-edition chocolate bars come in three decadent flavors and cocoa percentages: Olive Oil & Sea Salt (64% Dark Chocolate), Hazelnut & Mango (42% Milk Chocolate), and Calamansi & Basil ( 32% white chocolate).

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