DEAL OF THE DAY: Salter launches hot chocolate machine – dupe for Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser

Salter released a hot chocolate machine called ‘The Chocolatier‘, which is a dupe of the popular Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser, but for £50 less.

Salter’s professional range is expanding and the well-known brand offers popular alternatives to more expensive brands.

Hotel Chocolat’s Velvetiser has been hugely popular with hot drink enthusiasts over the past few years, with many enjoying the experience of being able to make a luxury treat at home.

Until recently, there weren’t many other options on the market, but Salter has sought to provide a more affordable option for hot chocolate lovers.

The Chocolatier can be used to make hot or cold drinks, but to make hot chocolate, the website recommends adding water or milk to the device, along with chocolate flakes.
The gadget can also be used for simply frothing milk, with settings for cold and hot froth, and thick and light froth options, ideal for creating a range of beverages including iced lattes and Froths.
Neat and compact, the design of the foamer is cordless, with an easy-to-use control panel, and it only takes five minutes to prepare the drink of your choice.

Salter also suggests the drinks are customizable, saying shoppers can “reinvent gourmet hot chocolate and get creative with flavors; add a pinch of chilli, orange zest, mint, almond, coconut or matcha.”

Although it was only recently launched, buyers praise the device in the reviews on the Salter website.

Pushoz said: ”I had a similar machine from the main competitor and it’s much better! Lots of questions about the temperature, well it’s warmer than their version and the warranty is better. Worth every penny.”

Martyn commented: ”This item costs almost half the price of its competitor, but basically does exactly the same things.”

John also added: ”Excellent price – bought as a gift – excellent price and very fast delivery.”

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