Costa Christmas Drinks Menu 2021 REVEALED – full list of new drinks and menu items



Christmas is fast approaching, and with Costa’s festive menu, you can enjoy all the flavors of Christmas. Costa’s exceptional Christmas menu will thrill you right down to your local Costa cafe.

Costa Coffee has unveiled its party menu ahead of new drinks and food items that will hit all stores from November 3, 2021.

Costa Coffee has created exclusive items with two festive icons: Quality Street Toffee Penny and Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

A Costa Coffee spokesperson said, “We love Christmas at Costa Coffee and are excited to launch such a spectacular beverage line this season that captures those iconic flavors that we know our customers will enjoy.

This time of year is all about meeting up with a friend or taking the time to spend a busy day shopping for Christmas, and Costa Coffee has you covered. ”

So what’s the complete list of every new Costa Coffee menu item for Christmas 2021?

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Costa has not one, not two, but three pigs in blanket-themed articles!

Delicious Mac and Cheese Pigs & Blankets and Stonebaked Panini Pig under Blankets are joined by new limited edition Pigs in Blankets Glazed Maple Chips.

The most popular Christmas sandwiches are also making a comeback this year.

Those looking for a bit of traditional party flair can choose from the much-loved British Turkey & The Trimmings Toastie or the Turkey Feast Sandwich, both back for 2021.

There’s also the classic flavor combination of the festive pork sausage roll and apple bramley and maple bacon, brie and cranberry panini.

Vegetables and anyone looking to cut down on meat consumption can enjoy the Toastie Vegan Turkee, Cranberry & Stuffing Bloomer, which is packed with vegan turkey, vegan sage and onion stuffing, cranberry and spinach sauce. costs.

When it comes to sweet treats, there are plenty of new cakes to enjoy with your coffee.

Chocolate Sparkle Cake Makes Decadent Debut; described as “two layers of dark chocolate sponge cake, filled with hazelnut and chocolate icing, all finished with golden whole hazelnuts, dark chocolate curls and purple sugar crystals”.

New Sweet Menu Editions include: Winter Frosted Marble Cake, Clementine Cranberry Bread Cake, Vanilla Reindeer Cake and Gold Billionaire.

Another newcomer is Rocky Road with Aero Peppermint Bubbles, described as “loaded with cookie chunks, chewy mallows, and stuffed with classic Aero® peppermint bubbles, finished with a decorative drizzle of white chocolate.”

The classic Mince Tart and the vegan gluten-free Mince Tart have both made a comeback to the holiday menu, and are joined by the new Florentine Mince Tart.

The new minced Florentine pie is described as: “a buttery dough filled with minced meat
and caramel, topped with chocolate ganache and iced cherry.

Vegan Father Christmas Gingerbread, Jammy Rudolph Shortcake, and Crispy Chocolate Stars are also returning to Café Costa, along with After Eight Muffin and Terry’s Chocolate Orange Muffin.

Terry’s Chocolate Orange Brownie launched in fall 2021, but it’s not going anywhere. Fans will be able to enjoy this festive brownie during the Christmas season.


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