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This week, I’ve been to Istanbul, New York, Guangzhou, Turin, Bangkok, and the Arctic, among other places. And that was only Thursday.

I mean “unfortunately it was via a box of chocolates”, but I’m actually not sad at all, because they were absolutely brilliant. fifth dimension chocolates marry luxury artisan chocolates with flavors from around the world.

Every day I would sit and read my menu which told me about the ingredients and their overall inspiration. Biepu, for example, dates back to when the makers (Albert and Russell) traveled to Taiwan and prepared Hakka tea using sesame seeds and peanuts – so both ingredients appear in chocolate. (Biepu was a favorite. I sighed after eating it.) Siem Reap (Cambodian curry) is white chocolate with lemongrass, galangal, coconut and chilli. Hong Kong is milk chocolate with soy sauce caramel. You had the idea.

It may sound sad, but every day I looked forward to my little chocolate (I had a box of 12 – some days I traveled to more than one place, to be honest). January was a particularly anhedonic month for me, as it almost always is. I usually try to go in January, but traveling is not easy right now, is it? I often found myself researching the town/city the chocolate was named after and finding out a bit about its ingredients.

Prices start at £22.60 for a box of 12. Much cheaper and less stressful than air travel.

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