Channel your inner caveman with a dark, gritty bar | Chocolate

I have a weakness for taza Chocolate. The Taza Cinnamon disc, £3.95, was one of the first chocolates I tasted when I became a chocolate correspondent, and it was unlike any other chocolate I had tried. The Cinnamon is split in reviews – people either love it or hate it (I’d say “like Marmite” but actually I can take it or leave it Marmite) – so be warned.

Taza chocolate is decidedly not silky chocolate but stone ground, so it is rustic, a bit cavernous, grainy, rough. If you like your coffee ristretto, Taza is the chocolate for you. I had heard good things about it 70% Dark Chocolate Coconut, £6.95. Don’t confuse this with coconut milk chocolate – it’s not milk but dark with pieces of coconut. I rather liked it and it had a softness that I didn’t expect. His 95% nasty black, £7.95, has no sweet redemption, with very little sugar – it’s for those who enjoy panic experiences. However, I must tell you that it displaced a headache that I had had for three days.

I tried Chocolatier Farm Millot, £6.15, same day. Even though it’s 80% heavyweight, it’s so smooth. A very lively bean (from Madagascar) and this time I agreed with the ‘tart cherry and sweet raisin’ tasting notes. Delicious.

Fancy a taste of Christmas? pump street 60% Milk Pomegranate and Nutmeg, £6.75, took me there. I’m so excited thinking about Christmas (91 days). Although I had the privilege of tasting it at Pump Street HQ, I hadn’t eaten it at the bar. I don’t know how it escaped me so far but my God it’s beautiful.

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