Candy makers at Duffy’s Fine Chocolates prepare for orders ahead of Valentine’s Day in Gloucester City, New Jersey

GLOUCESTER CITY, New Jersey (WPVI) – It’s a labor of love at Duffy’s Fine Chocolates on North Broadway in Gloucester City, New Jersey.

They’ll go through hundreds of pounds of caramel on major holidays like Valentine’s Day.

“Taking the candy out of the belt,” Dave Bulzak explained as he wrapped up freshly made mint candies. “Check the bottom to make sure it’s sealed well and there are no holes in the candy itself.”

Michelle Sieg is a fifth-generation Duffy and has worked at the store since she was 16.

“I’m dipping strawberries in milk chocolate for some orders that were placed online during our Valentine’s Day pre-order,” she said.

She is proud of the candies she makes and proud of the store’s 100-year history.

“Charles and Elizabeth started the business in 1922 and then James and Genaeve opened this location in 1950,” Seig said.

They’ve come a long way from making chocolates in the living room decades ago and selling them on the porch.

The main focus has always been their customers.

Frank Virgilio from Hammonton came on Friday with a sweet tooth and a list of his family.

Virgilio has been filling the same boxes of Valentine’s Day candy for decades.

The smell of chocolate brings back memories of 100 years ago.

It’s the small, long-standing businesses like Duffy’s where traditions can continue for decades.

“Our backs are like breaking at the end of the week,” Sieg said.

But she wouldn’t want to do anything else.

“Oh, I love it. I love it,” Sieg added.

Duffy’s will be open all weekend and on Valentine’s Day Monday.

They also have a second location in Haddonfield.

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