Cadbury wraps classic chocolates in 30% recycled plastic

In a step towards more sustainable packaging, Cadbury will now pack its classic family range of Dairy Milk, Caramilk and Old Gold blocks in 30% recycled plastic.

Cadbury chocolates are traditionally wrapped in single-use food safe plastic. The confectioner says it will now support “emerging recycling technology” to source and use soft plastic with recycled content.

The switch to using recycled plastic will see around 120 tonnes of packaging waste diverted from landfills.

While the new packaging is now 70% virgin plastic, the company says it will still carry the same iconic purple colors and distinctive brand markers.

Additionally, an on-pack QR code would be placed on each product to direct customers to more information about the packaging and how the company is supporting a more circular economy.

Dirk Van de Put, CEO of Mondelez International, who recently visited Australia for the first time in four years, said the company was ahead of the curve in finding solutions for a circular economy of packaging waste.

“This is just the start of our journey to use more recycled plastic in our packaging,” Van de Put said.

“We have started this process by targeting our largest packaging sizes to maximize our impact, but we are committed to using more recycled plastic in our packaging in the years to come as technology access and availability increases. advanced recycling systems increase.”

Tanya Barden, CEO of the Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC), said while flexible plastic packaging plays an important role in food freshness and safety, the country still lacks the capacity to recycle the flexible plastic into a food-safe product. packaging.

“Through AFGC, food and grocery manufacturers are taking the lead in creating a circular economy for flexible plastics here in Australia,” Barden said.

In June, Nestlé’s Kitkat also switched to packaging made from 30% recycled flexible plastic.

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