Cadbury confirms retro ’80s and’ 90s chocolate is coming back to supermarkets


For chocolate lovers, Cadbury is without a doubt one of the most popular brands.

But the brand’s popularity means that for many it’s still a bummer when Cadbury discontinues a product like it did with the Spira bar.

Every now and then Cadbury brings back a discontinued product from the past, allowing buyers to indulge in nostalgia.

Cadbury has now confirmed that one of its most popular Christmas chocolates is back. Yay.

Mondelez has confirmed he will be bringing back the Cadbury Puds chocolates for Christmas 2021.

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The Cadbury Puds, which haven’t been seen since 2003, are one of Cadbury’s seasonal offerings that should make everyone nostalgic.

Cadbury will also be launching a new Winter Orange flavor for Dairy Milk, the Bournville-based chocolate giant has confirmed.

The Puds will be priced at 60p, according to Birmingham Live.

The Dairy Milk Advent calendar, meanwhile, has been given a makeover for this year.

This year it includes some exciting new molds – and Cadbury also offers a DIY Advent Calendar.

A new limited edition Roses box, in partnership with Cath Kidston, has also been confirmed.

The line would “help retailers make this a year to remember for their buyers, creating treasured memories and lifelong rituals,” Mondelez said.

In recent months, speculation has surfaced around the return of the Puds.

On the food blog Snack News & Reviews, it was claimed that the Cadbury Puds are back.

And it generated a lot of excitement among fans of the treats, one of whom took to Facebook to confirm, “Exciting! “

“OMG I hope so,” added an enthusiastic second Cadbury fan in the comments section as reports pointed to his potential return to the shelves.

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