Cacao Barry launches the first wave of WholeFruit chocolate for chefs and artisans



Cacao Barry’s WholeFruit Evocao is the first signature expression of WholeFruit chocolate, and he said more exciting flavor profiles will follow in 2022.

At Cacao Barry, we are proud to present WholeFruit chocolate and its first expression: Evocao. This chocolate was designed for artisan chefs, perfectly meeting their expectations and requirements, in terms of values ​​and taste.Said Andrea Doucet Donida, Global Managing Director of Cacao Barry.

Billed as “the indulgence for the next generation”, Cacao Barry partners with Barry Callebaut’s other brand, Cabosse Naturals, which specializes in recycling cocoa pulp and skin into a range of cocoa ingredients 100% pure.

WholeFruit Evocao intends to be the first chocolate in the world to qualify for the Upcycled Certified brand, which will be implemented this year in the United States by the Upcycled Food Association. It helps consumers make conscious choices and have a positive impact on the environment they value so much.

Cabosse Naturals works closely with local cocoa farming communities in Ecuador, who are part of the Cocoa Horizonssustainability program, to source the highest quality fruit.

Thanks to the collaboration, the time between harvesting and processing fresh cocoa into delicious ingredients has been reduced to a maximum of five hours, according to the brand.

Fresh fruity taste

Freshly harvested cocoa is essential for preserving the delicious, fresh fruity taste and nutrients of the fruit that distinguish WholeFruit chocolate, said Cacao Barry, who was founded in 1842 and deeply rooted in its French pastry heritage.

Millennials and Centennials, as well as the older generations, sincerely want to live happy and healthy lives, in harmony with the world around them. They want chocolate that is tasty, good for them and good for the planet, said Cacao Barry.

WholeFruit chocolate meets this need perfectly: a delicious and fresh fruity taste, 40% less sugar than the most consumed dark chocolates, and made from 100% pure cocoa. A fruit 70% of which is normally thrown away as waste.

WholeFruit, the new type of chocolate, reflects a profound change in the way cocoa fruit is perceived and used, but also in the way chocolate is made. It brings to life the common desire of farmers, chefs and consumers to take advantage of nature for completely new and unforgettable taste experiences.», Dries Roekaerts, Global Vice President of Gastronomy of the Barry Callebaut Group

WholeFruit Evocao chocolate is now available in limited quantities for professional artisans in France, UK, Italy, Canada, US, Brazil and Japan. From December 2021, its distribution will be gradually extended to other countries.


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