Bonds launches 2021 Christmas candy line


Bonds launched its Christmas 2021 line, including festive pun boxes and Shaker mugs.

The Merry & Bright Pun Box features Christmas candy sticks and stars, while the Happy Hour Pun Box features a mix of gummy candy inspired by cocktails and fizz. The flavors of the Happy Hour Pun Box range from Mojito to Rhubarb Gin and Classic Fizz.

Bonds also released Toffee Snowballs and Christmas Fudge Sharing bags for customers to share with family and friends.

Upgraded Bonds Six Sweet Sprinkles include Mini Melon Slices, Snowies, Dolly Mix, Bananas, Pink and Blue Bottles, and Ice Cream that can be used on desserts.

The confectionery supplier also offers a range of Christmas gift boxes, such as Turkish delicacies, orange and lemon slices, traditional creams and fruit jellies.

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Christmas tree mauves, candy stars and Christmas candy canes are some of the seasonal selections and mixes in the Festive Shaker Mix Mug.

Other sweet treats include White Chocolate Flavored Candy Stars, Cola Flavored Reindeer Gummies, Christmas Mallow Pops, Jelly Pops and Mallow Skewers.

The new solid milk chocolate reindeer noses will accompany Santa’s fillets in milk chocolate cream.

The latest addition to the festive range consists of flavored lollipops in the shape of seasonal characters. These include strawberry Santas, apple elves, and cola gingerbread men.

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Chris Smith of Bonds Confectionery said: “We are very excited about the Bonds of London Christmas line, it will give retailers the opportunity to offer their customers fun festive treats for the holiday season.

“Products like the award-winning pun boxes will be extremely popular for gifts to family and friends and the new vegan chocolates ensure inclusiveness so everyone can enjoy something sweet from Bonds this Christmas.

“The range is really exciting because there really is something for everyone, from festive children’s lollipops to tasty mojito-flavored gummies! We are really excited at Bonds to see how much everyone will love these products ”.

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