Best Hot Chocolate 2021: The Most Decadent Cocoa Drinks To Snuggle Up With Right Now



Good quality hot chocolate has to be one of the most comforting and decadent drinks to snuggle up with. Available in flakes, powdered or even ready to drink, the cocoa-based drink is a heartwarming, indulgent treat before you even go crazy with whipped cream and marshmallows.

But do you like yours dark and rich, thick and creamy or more like a sweet treat? With an array of styles to choose from, it’s best to figure out what will lead you to your own personal version of chocolate heaven before you take a bath.

The best hot chocolate: at a glance

How to choose the best hot chocolate for you

This all adds up to the cocoa percentages. The best hot chocolates are made from real chocolate, usually in the form of flakes or bars, ready to be grated into hot milk. So, like a decent quality chocolate bar, any hot chocolate that’s worth its weight will have the percentage of cocoa solids in it on the package. The higher the percentage, the stronger the cocoa flavor. Anything above 70% will taste like dark chocolate, while high quality milk chocolate drinks will hover around 50%.

If you are looking for the lighter, milder style of hot chocolate, be very careful with any added ingredients, as additional sugar or flavors may be added to compensate for the lack of natural cocoa flavor and compromise the quality and flavor. integrity of chocolate. Therefore.

What equipment do you have?

Most luxury hot chocolate producers agree that the best way to enjoy their drinks is to slowly melt the suggested amount of real chocolate flakes in hot milk. Milk can be heated in a saucepan, milk steamer, microwave, or even a dedicated hot chocolate maker, but sometimes it’s all a bit too far-fetched.

Ready-to-drink styles can prove invaluable when you just want to grab and go, and while they’re not in the same league as real chocolate options, a jar of instant powder can be surprisingly useful if you’re in the market. office or campsite and only have access to hot water. We’ve tried to cover all the bases here, so read on to find the hot chocolate to make you melt.

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The best hot chocolate to buy in 2021

1. Cartografie Signature Milk Blend: the best luxury hot chocolate

Price: £ 15 (for 250g) | Buy now from Cartografie

Cartografie was born out of the first lockdown when the chef of the Ritz Kae Shibata and her husband Sven-Hanson Britt (MasterChef the Professionals) turned to making ethically sourced couverture chocolate.

The couverture differs from standard chocolate in being of better quality, thinner, and shinier, and Cartografie’s is also utterly stunning: its boxes of handcrafted chocolates are truly something special. Now he makes hot chocolate using the same uniquely sourced single-origin beans and home-made cocoa blends from eco-friendly farms and producers, and his heavenly flavored chocolate flakes truly make it the best. hot chocolate we tried.

Her Signature Milk Blend is a combination of two blankets blended in her East London studio: a silky smooth dark milk from a female cocoa cooperative in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and a caramelized chocolate that enhances the sweeter notes. and balances the flavor of dark cocoa. The result is a succulent, naturally sweet chocolate that easily melts into the milk of your choice and produces a perfect, creamy, cocoa-rich cup of chocolate. We also like it on ice.

Buy now from Cartografie

2. Rude Health Oat Hot Choc: the best vegan hot chocolate

Price: £ 3 | Buy now from Waitrose

Something different here from the ultra-healthy Rude Health brand: This Oat Hot Choc drink is rather less virtuous than most of its products, but still significantly lower in sugar and fat than many alternatives.

Anyone who can’t drink dairy will also appreciate that this ready-to-drink chocolate uses oat milk, which is deliciously creamy and comforting, giving this unmistakably flavorful cocoa drink the perfect texture. We’re going to raise our hands and say we’re guilty of drinking it straight like chocolate milk, because it’s so silky, light, and chocolatey just as it is – but can also attest to its delight when heated like standard hot chocolate. Simply heat in the microwave or pan and enjoy. We were doing.

Buy now from Waitrose

3. Knoops 47% Ruby Chocolate Flakes: the best ruby ​​hot chocolate

Price: £ 10 | Buy now from Knoops

Knoops is a hot chocolate shop specializing in Perfect Rye, which has been around since 2013. The good news is that you no longer have to travel to East Sussex to get your fix of hot chocolate, because their online shop is extremely well stocked. with choice of choice of dream chocolate flakes in all colors and cocoa percentages imaginable.

We went wild for the delicious 47% different ruby ​​chocolate flakes, which make for a subtly sweet and creamy cup of chocolate infused with notes of red berries. At 47% cocoa, it’s not a serious hot chocolate but a delicate and comforting one: kids also love the sweet and fruity flavor of cocoa and vanilla. To make it even more fun, Knoops has a plethora of online recipes from its chocolate experts to enhance your pink-hued hot chocolate: try everything from fruit and pepper to whipped cream.

Buy now from Knoops

4. Hotel Chocolat The Everything Selection: the best varied pack

Price: £ 14 | Buy now at Hotel Chocolat

First of all: if you are serious about hot chocolate, you really need to buy the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser. This nifty little machine is smaller than a kettle and produces the most forgiving, perfectly blended, and, well, velvety hot chocolate you’ve ever made. Simply pour your choice of dairy or plant-based milk on top, add your choice of chocolate powder, flakes, whatever… and let it sit. In two and a half minutes, a sumptuous hot chocolate is delivered.

Hotel Chocolat’s selection of Everything hot chocolate is also the ideal starting point to develop your favorite recipes: choose from Classic 70% Dark, Silky Salted Caramel, Tingly Mint, the bestseller 50% Milky (which is the dream) of a chocolate addict) and five other varieties to suit all tastes. Each sachet is pure chocolate with no additives and is conveniently pre-measured in 35g portions for hassle-free, hassle-free hot chocolate every time.

If you cannot use the Velvetiser at the moment, all the chocolates can be prepared on the hob or with a milk steamer in the usual way. For more nastiness, take a look at Hotel Chocolat’s velvety chocolate liqueurs to whip up a hot chocolate treat just for adults.

Buy now at Hotel Chocolat

5. Chococo Hot Chocolate Flakes 70% Madagascar Origin: the best hot dark chocolate

Price: £ 10 | Buy now from Chococo

Dorset Chocolatier Chococo has long been on our radar for its phenomenal boxes of fresh chocolates. Now its decadent single-origin chocolate can also be enjoyed in liquid form, with its four new varieties (45%, 70%, 80% and 100%) of pure chocolate flakes.

We are rather seduced by the 70% which is the house chocolate served in Chococo cafes. A Raisetrade chocolate native to Madagascar, this grape has rich and vibrant notes of red fruit and benefits local communities of cocoa bean producers. It pairs perfectly with plant-based milk for a naturally vegan and darkly decadent drink, and can be frothed with rich, creamy dairy products for a fuller, more forgiving mouth feel. All packaging is recyclable and plastic free.

Buy now from Chococo

6. Aero: the best instant hot chocolate

Price: £ 3 | Buy now from Tesco

Yes, instant hot chocolate is way inferior to the real deal, but sometimes it has to be. This Aero option is our benchmark and proved to be vastly superior to many similar instant varieties in our testing for this list. Made from low fat drink chocolate and low fat cocoa powder mixed with milk powder, sweeteners and more, it is not in the same category as pure melted chocolate drinks. However, it’s still unmistakably tasty and will give that much needed chocolate kick. We have found the flavor to be authentically aerodynamic and the bubbles make it a light, frothy hot chocolate in any situation where all you have is hot water to work with. It’s also a relatively low calorie treat at just 97kcal per cup, which is a godsend for all chocolate fans looking for a solution without wanting to indulge themselves.

Buy now from Tesco


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