Best Boxed Chocolates – Consumer Reports

Price: $25
Number of sweets: 12
Or buy: Amazon, Chocolate Jacques Torres

These chocolates were certainly acceptable, solidly a “middle of the pack” choice, according to Kevin. The box didn’t come with a flavor key, which some of us found frustrating.

“Maybe some people like to be surprised, but I want to know what I’m getting,” Trisha said. “It’s actually part of the anticipation and the experience for me. Looking at the names, thinking, ‘oh this sounds interesting’, deciding what flavor mood I’m in.

I agree, which is why I found myself, disturbingly, sniffing the chocolates with the hope that I would know what I was getting into. It was just weird and it didn’t work; most chocolates were too small and too conservative for most of us to confidently detect what we were eating.

I checked the list of candy flavors on the Jacques Torres Chocolate website and made educated guesses from there, which actually wasn’t very easy either, as the descriptions weren’t not very descriptive.

A raspberry chocolate was nice, with a creamy, balanced berry filling that tasted natural and not artificial. The milk chocolate shell was a little chewy though, rather than with the desirable snap that high-grade chocolate provides.

“It was a little too sweet. Still a nice treat, though, due to the nicely flavored filling,” Trisha said.

An orange flavored dark chocolate had a nice citrus flavor, albeit stingy. A cinnamon-flavored white chocolate was “really unusual, and one of the three best chocolates I’ve tasted from any company,” Trisha said, as I found the flavor to be a delicious representation of white chocolate, rich in real cocoa butter taste. Definitely one of the best chocolates in the box.

Overall, Laura said, “They were very meh – almost bland.” If these chocolates weren’t so small, we might have been more excited about them.

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