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Being in someone else’s house when they’re not there (and you’re not a burglar) is a contemplative experience, like walking around a movie set. It might be people who make a home, but an empty home that once housed people still has something in it. I am in my mother’s house and she is not there, because she is away and although I have been here a hundred times since I left the house, this time it is different. I fill the sink with cups that I wash only when needed, and eat chicken fillets and berries, like a forager with access to a deli counter. I live like this for days. I visit the dentist, then my old friend Andrea picks me up and gives me pizza and the most glorious of the five ingredients (chocolate, eggs, sugar, butter and flour) Claudia Roden torta di cioccolato de Roden’s Food from Italy, which I invite you to buy and try.

The next day, I add peanuts to my diet. I’m going to head to Selfridges, I think, that will strengthen me. Down in the vast chocolate room I notice Bare bones is now sold here and i spy huge La Molina hazelnut or salted almond milk gianduja bars (which are the best), they drop from £ 18.99 to £ 4.99. It would be rude not to.

But when I get home I can’t bear to open it because it’s a bar for the company and instead of spending 75p on one person Waitrose Mini bar at 49% in the Dominican Republic (one of the best chocolates available in a super market) which is really all I need.

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