Barry Callebaut’s Carma chocolate goes ‘beyond cocoa’ to source 100% sustainable ingredients



Jul 09, 2021 — Carma Chocolate, a brand of Barry Callebaut, is the first chocolate launched by the Swiss chocolate maker with “100% sustainable ingredients”. According to the brand, the passion for selecting high quality ingredients and creating an incomparable and unique tasting experience with Swiss chocolate is of “utmost importance”.

Talk to FoodIngredientsFirst, Bas Smit, Global Marketing Manager at Barry Callebaut, says there is an increased appreciation of proposals with great respect for nature.

“Consumers increasingly have distinctive tastes and desires in their food and beverage choices. They are health conscious and environmentally conscious, wanting their products to be good for them, the people around them and good for the planet. They are looking for tasty, nutritious and honest foods and drinks.

Click to enlargeCarma Chocolate is Barry Callebaut’s first brand to produce chocolate with 100% sustainable ingredients.“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more than ever people realize how vulnerable our health is. It’s not just about Centennials and Millennials, but also for other generations, personal and environmental well-being will have a different meaning, ”he explains.

Spotlight on sustainability
Cocoa is in the spotlight around the world from a sustainability standpoint, ”said Dimitri Fayard, Head of Food Brands at the Chicago Chocolate Academy.

“More and more chocolate lovers want to make sure they can indulge in their favorite treat without harming the planet and its people. But to make a real difference to our planet, key players in the chocolate industry are looking to go beyond sourcing sustainable cocoa beans. “

“The origin of the chocolate and the ingredients gives consumers confidence in the quality. They are also looking to improve their purchasing and consumption habits by purchasing chocolates that promote better practices for preserving the environment.

Growing demands from chefs for sustainable ingredients started with local farmers for fresh fruit, dairy, etc. It now extends to all ingredients and aspects of the industry, explains Fayard. “Chefs are looking more than ever for ways to connect and support a trusted source, knowing where their ingredients come from, how they were harvested, collected, stored, transported, and chocolate then falls into that category. “

The making of Swiss chocolate has been constantly refined over the centuries, and the improvement of production processes and the use of quality ingredients have enabled chocolatiers to have the highest quality standards when it comes to chocolate. Click to enlargeToday, Carma chocolates are available worldwide with a strong presence in Switzerland, Germany, UK, France, Italy, China and UAE.

The long and rich history of chocolate making in Switzerland is linked to Carma’s founder, Carl Mentler.

Craving ethical ingredients According to Carma, sustainable production is crucial in helping artisans and chefs bring their creations to life without depleting the world’s resources.

Chocolate artisans and chefs around the world advocate the use of ethically sourced ingredients to preserve chocolate for future generations.

According to the brand, Carma goes “beyond cocoa” to source the most sustainable ingredients every step of the way. All the ingredients in Carma blankets: cocoa, dairy, sugar and vanilla, are all sustainable.

Balancing sustainability with reliability and consistency of taste profile and color is an essential part of the Swiss chocolate making process.

The challenges of supply chains
The challenges facing the chocolate supply chain include:

  • End forced labor.
  • Prevent deforestation.
  • Environmental problems.
  • Help farmers thrive.
  • Ensure that the ingredients used are fully sustainable and traceable.

It also means that every ingredient in chocolate faces its sustainability challenges, and an ever-growing global population presents even more difficult barriers to sourcing these ingredients.

Carma wants to “make chocolate last forever”. The brand says: “It’s not a task – sustainable chocolate is a movement that should be the norm in the chocolate industry.

Today, Carma chocolates are available worldwide with a strong presence in Switzerland, Germany, UK, France, Italy, China and UAE.

What’s on the chocolate menu?
Earlier this week, the industry shed light on sourcing challenges in the chocolate sector to mark World Chocolate Day, which is celebrated every July 7.

This corresponds to the main trend of Innova Market Insights for 2021: “the triumphs of transparency”. Market research highlights the importance of increasing transparency to meet the ever-changing demands of consumers in terms of ethics, the environment and clean labels.

Click to enlargeArtisan chocolatiers and chefs around the world are increasingly advocating the use of ethically sourced ingredients.In this space, the main chocolate players, including Nestlé and Mondelēz International, recently signed the EU Code of Conduct for Responsible Business and Marketing Practices, which sets out actions to make healthy and sustainable food choices more accessible.

In addition, Barry Callebaut has been active in the European region in recent months.

The company recently signed a long-term outsourcing agreement with Atlantic Stark, a Serbian manufacturer of chocolate, cookies and candies.

Last month, the Swiss chocolatier agreed to acquire Europe Chocolate Company, a private Belgian B2B manufacturer of chocolate specialties and decorations.

That same month, the company launched the “first expression” of its WholeFruit line of chocolates under the name Evocao, which can be used as a blanket by chefs and artisans.

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