Barry Callebaut reveals recycled ‘first expression’ of WholeFruit chocolate for artisans


June 08, 2021 — Barry Callebaut has revealed the “first expression” of his WholeFruit line of chocolates under the name Evocao, which can be used as a blanket by chefs and artisans. The offer is made from 100% cocoa, which allows the company to meet demands for reduced sugar and recycled products.

“When WholeFruit was first revealed in September 2019, a co-development journey began with 30 great chefs and artisans from around the world,” said Bas Smit, vice president of global marketing at Barry Callebaut. FoodIngredientsFirst.

“Since then, Cacao Barry’s expert teams have made the concept a reality, pursuing the goal of meeting chefs’ high expectations for healthy enjoyment without compromising on exceptional taste.

WholeFruit Evocao is now available in limited quantities for professional artisans in France, UK, Italy, Canada, US, Brazil and Japan. From December 2021, its distribution will be gradually extended to other countries. In addition, a second “signature expression” of WholeFruit chocolate will be revealed in 2022.WholeFruit Evocao is now available in limited quantities for professional artisans in certain regions.

Adopt a fresh and fruity taste
The product obtained presents a natural acidity and fruity notes reminiscent of exotic fruits. Smit points out that there is no comparison with other chocolates currently available.

“For the first time, a chocolate reveals all the flavors and natural freshness of cocoa fruit in depth. The tangy citrus taste is complemented by a tropical fruitiness bursting with fresh mango, lemon, tangerine, passion fruit and cocoa fruit pulp.

“Fleshy red berries and white flowers follow. A sweet bitterness gives way to a smooth mouthfeel that lasts like no other chocolate to date ”, continues Smit.

Evocao goes particularly well with exotic fruits like mango, passion fruit and grapefruit, as well as with red fruits like raspberry.

“Evocao is a great art, which renews the genre of chocolate and opens up new harmonic possibilities in terms of creativity in the kitchen and at the table”, argues François Chartier, sommelier and aroma expert nicknamed the “creator of harmonies”.

“This chocolate was designed for artisan chefs, perfectly meeting their expectations and requirements in terms of values ​​and taste,” adds Andrea Doucet Donida, global managing director of Cacao Barry.

Beyond taste, WholeFruit chocolate also has a unique set of characteristics. In terms of formulation for example, it should not be exposed to temperatures above 40 ° C during quenching or melting. Thirty international chefs and artisans have participated in the development of Evacao.

Provide healthy pleasure
Today’s consumers want to live happy and healthy lives in harmony with the world around them, says Smit.

WholeFruit chocolate meets these requirements on two levels. Firstly, it’s about 40% less sugar than most dark and milk chocolates, which is good for the health of consumers.

It also taps into the demands for eco-friendly lifestyles as it makes full use of cocoa, 70 percent of which is normally thrown away. Cacao Barry joins forces with Cabosse Naturals, a Barry Callebaut brand that recycles pulp and skin.

WholeFruit Evocao intends to be the first chocolate in the world to qualify for the Upcycled Certified brand, which will be implemented in the United States this year by the Upcycled Food Association.

“This brand will help consumers make conscious choices in line with their values ​​and will have a positive impact on the environment. Delivery on all of these fronts has never been achieved so far, so we expect WholeFruit chocolate to grow the overall category, ”explains Smits. Cocoa is one of the most harvested fruits in the world, but 70 percent is normally thrown away as waste.

Tight deadlines
Thanks to Cabosse Naturals’ collaboration with cocoa growing communities in Ecuador, the time between harvesting and processing fresh cocoa into ingredients has been reduced to a maximum of five hours.

According to the company, freshly harvested cocoa is essential for preserving the delicious fresh fruity taste and fruit nutrients that distinguish WholeFruit chocolate.

“The values ​​associated with this chocolate are a way to understand life through sustainability, waste reduction, recycling and a healthier diet to take better care of our planet”, concludes Ramon Morató, chef and creative director of Cacao Barry.

Last month, Barry Callebaut used biodiversity tactics while increasing the capacity of its nursery production facilities in Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Cameroon, Brazil, Ecuador and Indonesia.

Over the past year, other forms of cocoa fruit chocolate have appeared. For example, Nestlé offers the Incoa bar, as well as Cacao Fruit KitKat in Japan.

By Katherine Durrell

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