Barry Callebaut expands portfolio of plant-based chocolates targeting eco-indulgence

May 25, 2022 — Barry Callebaut has expanded its North American plant-based portfolio with dairy-free organic chocolate. The Plant Craft range includes sweet solutions for confectionery, bakery, ice cream and other gourmet categories.

The company’s portfolio offerings already include a range of nut solutions and Cacaofruit Experiences, which are sweet ingredients formulated from the pulp, juice and concentrate directly from the cacao fruit.

“We have seen an increase in demand for plant-based pleasures over the years,” notes Steve Woolley, CEO and President of Barry Callebaut.

Conscious Indulgence
Innova Market Insights ranks “Plant-Based: The Web of Innovation” as its second major trend for 2022, a testament to consumers’ continued appetite for sustainable animal-free options.

The vegan NPD in chocolate and confectionery has proliferated in recent years.Today’s consumers are more attentive and informed about their purchases and it will be crucial for food manufacturers to consider the impact of their products on personal health and the health of the planet.

A recent survey by Barry Callebaut showed that 81% of consumers are looking for chocolates that not only taste good, but are also “good for me and good for the planet”.

This insight was revealed by the company’s new report, “The future of indulgence”.

The chocolate supplier – which is the maker of the “fourth variety of chocolate”, Ruby Chocolate – has previously launched a dairy-free chocolate compound, as well as classic dairy-free chocolates, cocoa powders and chocolate options. low melting pieces for ice cream.

Abandon dairy products in confectionery
Vegan NPD in chocolate and confectionery has accelerated in recent years as formulators develop more sophisticated methods to mimic the creamy texture and flavor properties associated with traditional options.

Taking inspiration from the trend of mindless indulgences, Lindt launched a line of vegan chocolates made with oat milk last August.

One of Barry Callebaut’s first milk-free chocolate iterations was its Pathway line, which is ready-made for a myriad of applications including confectionery, baked goods, cereals and snack products.

Alongside plant-based formulations, the premiumization of confectionery is an emerging theme that has grown over the past year. Last August, Barry Callebaut presented his Indulgence Playbook, which highlighted the growing importance of the “dark milk” chocolate trend.

Edited by Benjamin Ferrer

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