Barista Breaks Down 3 Coffee Recipes You Should Learn Yourself


Coffee barista Sean Yew told Mashed that pourover coffee is another drink that coffee lovers can make at home to save money. Yew says that because the pourover coffee is handmade, the process results in a smoother, tastier brew. However, this requires an initial investment. On his website The Hearty Brew, Yew shares that you’ll need a coffee cone or glass coffeemaker. Some of the brands he recommends are the Hario V60 or Kalita Wave coffee cones that sit on a saucepan or mug, or a Chemex glass pouring over a coffee maker. Both types also require paper filters.

The process of making the pourover is entirely in your control and can even be zen. Yew says freshly ground coffee is added to the lined top of the cone or Chemex filter, and hot water is literally poured over it! The water slowly seeps through the coffee and drains into the container below, and you keep adding hot water until all of your coffee is brewed. While you may have to pay a little more upfront to get the right equipment, it’s an investment that you will quickly recoup. According to Yew, home pourers can create a “creamy, complex cup of black coffee” that tastes just as delicious as anything a barista brews.

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