Bakes Of Joy By Creamier: Limited Edition Ice Cream Flavors Inspired By Bagels, Waffles & Donuts

As August approaches, Creamier has created a new seasonal edition of ice cream to celebrate Singapore’s 57th birthday. Appointed Joy pastriesthis series consists of three limited edition flavors that celebrate the little pleasures of our daily lives.

Three New Ice Cream Flavors at Creamier

The bakery-inspired lineup consists of three flavors: Golden Ice Cream Waffles with Maple Syrup, Ice Cream Donut with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, and Cinnamon Raisin Cream Cheese Bagel , which is a flavor made in collaboration with an at-home bagel maker – Able Bagel.

Three New Ice Cream Flavors at Creamier

Creamier Golden Waffles with Maple Syrup Ice Cream

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The first new flavor to welcome is Creamier’s Golden waffles with maple syrup ice cream.

As the name suggests, this decadent dessert is created with pieces of Creamier’s beloved fresh-baked golden waffles, maple syrup and chocolate flakes. Savor a rich, buttery taste of waffles with the characteristic chewy sweetness of maple syrup and a light crunch of chocolate flake couverture.

limited stock of donuts

Another crowd-favorite pastry is the beignet, and one way to make it even better is to make it into an ice cream sandwich. Served with a dollop of homemade strawberry jam or salted caramel sauce by Creamier’s pastry team, customers can enjoy a limited stock of beignet sandwiches in store every day.

Creamy bourbon vanilla bean ice cream from Madagascar

Each ice cream sandwich comes with a scoop of creamy Madagascar bourbon vanilla bean ice cream. Vanilla bean ice cream is also available in store scoops and non-doughnut pints.

Cinnamon Cream Cheese Raisin Bagel

The third flavor features Able Bagel’s Japanese-style cinnamon-raisin handmade bagels and loads of juicy raisins swirled into a wonderfully rich and creamy cream cheese ice cream.

Whether it’s breakfast, tea break or dinner, there’s no judgment on our part for wanting to have this anytime of the day.

Where to find three new Creamier flavors

All three flavors of ice cream are available in store scoops and pints. Fans can also opt for island-wide delivery through their online site and food delivery platforms. These ice creams are available until the end of September 2022 or while supplies last.

LILY: Get your kids outside and learn hands-on skills in nature

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