Aldi’s sold-out Christmas basket range is back – starting at just £ 19.99


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A basket is the ultimate luxury gift at Xmas. Who doesn’t love to receive a beautiful wicker basket filled with all kinds of sweet, savory and alcoholic treats?

Well, it’s time to get organized, as Aldi has just launched its line of Christmas baskets, with prices starting at just £ 19.99. The wanted baskets sold out quickly last year, so get yours while you can.

The baskets are available for purchase online from September 27 and there are nine in the range., including Sommelier’s Six Wine Hamper, Ultimate Decadence Hamper and Ultimate Celebration Hamper.

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wine basket

Sommelier Aldi’s six-wine basket

Let’s break down this information about the basket …

The Favorite Christmas Basket is the cheapest basket at £ 19.99, filled with festive choices including: Canned Specially Selected Strawberries, Florentines, Chocolate and Salted Caramel Bomb, Moser Roth Milk Chocolate Mountain Bar and a bottle of specially selected Argentinian Malbec.

chocolate basket

The Aldi Chocolate Celebration Basket

Chocolate addicts will love the Chocolate Celebration Basket, priced at £ 29.99, featuring Moser Roth Salted Caramel Chocolate Stirrers, Moser Roth Orange Fruit Creams and a Moser Roth Swiss Box.

There’s a vegan basket, also priced at £ 29.99, which includes free Christmas pudding, vegan cookies, vegan Moser Roth salted caramel truffles, and a bottle of vegan wine.

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The Aldi vegan basket

While the Afternoon Treat Selection Basket (£ 39.99) includes everything from tea, coffee, jam and marmalade to chocolate treats, shortbread cookies, specially selected Stollen bites and the specially selected mini panettone.

The Christmas basket, priced at £ 79.99, looks utterly divine. Think festive chips and crackers and a rich selection of candies and treats, including specially selected champagne pudding and mini panettone.

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Aldi’s New Ultimate Decadence Basket

Those who really want to push the boat this Christmas can purchase Aldi’s new Ultimate Decadence Basket (£ 149.99) with 35 specially selected treat items – chocolates and cakes, including an exquisite Christmas pudding matured for 30 months, sauces and tasty surprises.

Who can think of nothing but shackles now?

Aldi’s party baskets are available online via

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