Agravitae Launches World’s First Seductively Sweet Cocovita Graviola-Infused Cacao Bars

TUSTIN, Calif./ACCESSWIRE/June 14, 2022/ Satisfying a chocolate craving has never been so luxurious or nutritious. Agravitae, a leading supplier and marketer of graviola-infused luxury health, wellness and skincare products, is taking premium chocolate to an alluring next level with the world’s first Graviola Infused Cocoa Barssold under the Cocovita brand.

Pack made by master chocolatier chef Paul Edward, in collaboration with award-winning Amano Artisan Chocolates, each bar is a deliciously high-quality couverture chocolate, deceptively dairy-free and Keto-friendly, but without the bitterness found in other dark chocolates . . These are the very first cocoa bars to contain graviola, a potent tropical superfood. They are available in two varieties:

  • Cocovita Paleo Bar: This rich, bold, and complex bar is designed to be the ultimate dark chocolate lover, athlete, those watching their weight or reducing their sugar intake, or those who want the maximum benefits offered by 85% of pure Belizean trinitario cocoa. This bar offers the ultimate nutritional and functional dark chocolate experience.
  • Cocovita Gravitas Bar: This 70% cocoa bar is expertly blended to deliver the best and most unique enjoyable flavor experience you can get from a premium chocolate bar. It offers all the health benefits of a high percentage of dark chocolate combined with the taste and experience of premium cocoa couverture.

Artisanal chocolate infused with the best of nature’s holistic goodness

“These are guilt-free chocolate bars. Everything about them is good for you,” comments Agravitae Founder and President Ken Owen.

Cocovita Graviola-Infused Cacao Cacao Bars are made with Trinitario Cacao beans sustainably and ethically sourced from local Belizean farmers through the Toledo Cacao Growers Association. Belize is the home of the Maya, the creators and champions of chocolate and cocoa ceremonies.

The bars are finished with

  • Natural Graviola: Rich in powerful health-promoting antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, the use of this delicate fruit dates back to ancient times. From digestive health to heart health, much has been published about the myriad health benefits of graviola. But graviola is largely unknown in the United States because it cannot withstand the rigors of transportation. By freeze-drying sustainably grown, vine-ripened fruit to preserve as much of its nutrients as possible, Agravitae brings the nutritional benefits of graviola to American consumers.
  • Raspberries from the Pacific Northwest: Raspberries are packed with potassium, essential for heart function, and support healthy blood pressure levels. Raspberries also contain omega-3 fatty acids and manganese.
  • The best Shilajit in the world, sourced from the Himalayan mountains: Shilajit is a powerful natural dietary supplement that helps restore energy balance and potentially supports cognitive function and healthy aging. Its benefits include fulvic acid, minerals, and organic compounds that benefit the body’s metabolism.

“We admit it, we’re proud of these bars,” Owen concludes. “When something is produced with love and care, you can taste it in your soul.”

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About Agravitae

Agravitae is an innovative supplier and marketer of luxury graviola-infused health, wellness and skincare products. Using a truly holistic product development approach, steeped in tradition, grounded in science, and driven by the belief that true health is living in harmony with the law of nature, nutrient-dense, Graviola-infused products ‘Agravitae are now available to consumers worldwide.

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