A chocolate world tour


Life is like a box of chocolate. You can try different types from different countries and enjoy whatever you like. This is the chocolate department treat at Snack Exchange, SM’s one-stop snack bar inside the department store. The wide choice is akin to a chocolate trip around the world – or just the places with the best chocolates. There are cream-filled candies, pralines, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate bars, single-source chocolates, colorful candies, and chocolate-covered fruit. Switzerland – Home of the first “successful” milk chocolate, it was in 1887, after many attempts, that the Swiss chocolate maker Daniel Peter created the original formula for this creamy delicacy that we appreciate today. According to experts, milk and cocoa butter, which melt chocolates at body temperature, are a big part of why Swiss chocolate is so famous.

Snack Exchange sells the following chocolate brands (clockwise): The Belgian, Ferrero Rocher, Pepero Pretzel Sticks, Hershey’s Kisses, Lindt Excellence Sea Salt Dark Chocolate, Meiji Almond and Macadamia, Auro Heritage Collection, Mars and Twix.

Swiss chocolate brands available from Snack Exchange include Lindt and Toblerone. Belgium – Called the “Chocolate Capital of the World”, its chocolates are known to have a higher cocoa content than others. Discover Belgian and other truffles and molded pralines in fancy shapes for a filling of these treats. Italy – An article on Arkansas Online says the reason Italian chocolate tastes good is that “Italians care so much about the purity of the ingredients,” and have surprisingly combined the sophistication of dark chocolate with all the decadence of milk chocolate. . Popular Italian chocolates on display at Snack Exchange are Ferrero Rocher and Nutella, both from the company founded by Turin milkman Pietro Ferrero.

UK – The 19th century was considered the golden age of cocoa-based creativity in the UK. It was around this time that Fry & Sons produced the first solid chocolate bar in 1847 and the first filled chocolate candy in 1853 (Cream Sticks); and Cadbury introduced dairy milk in 1905 using a higher proportion of milk. Soon other brands like the Mars bar in 1933, Milky Way and KitKat in 1935, Maltesers in 1936, and Aero and Smarties in 1937, made the UK a chocolate lover’s paradise. Find the above in the snack section of SM Store. United States of America – The birthplace of the “Great American Chocolate Bar,” the United States brought into the world Milton Hershey’s milk chocolate bar, known as Hershey’s Milk Chocolate. Hershey’s candy bars were part of the rations of American soldiers during World War II. Hershey’s bar and other variations can be found in the snack section. Back to the Philippines – Filipinos are no strangers to chocolate. Many of us have been introduced to this treat as a tablea drink. Now we have the world class Auro Chocolate brand of chocolate making waves not only here but overseas. Check out Auro at Snack Exchange. Other chocolates from around the world can be found in the snack section and online at www.thesmstore.com/collections/snack-exchange. Buyers can also buy by call to deliver the service (# 143SM).

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