8 places for vegan ice cream and other goodies in Pittsburgh that you must try

It’s the heat wave of summer, the sun is high, the thermostat needle is up and a cool treat is just the thing. Although there seem to be endless varieties of ice cream parlors in the city, finding a truly delicious dairy-free alternative just got a little easier. Here are some of our favorites for vegan ice cream and other delicious desserts that rival any milk-based options.

Dairy Market Page

To know of Dairy Market Page is to know the ice cream royalty of Pittsburgh. Page Dairy Mart is a slice of the town’s history that started as a store selling to factory workers in the early 1900s, then as a gas station until the 1950s, and now a cream stand icy today. While the location at 4112 E Carson St. has evolved, Page has been selling ice cream for over 100 years. In addition to the usual offerings, Page’s now offers a vegan oatmeal service on the menu. It’s the classic style you grew up using high ingredients.

Vegan sundae by Sugar Spell Scoops. Photo by Amanda Burk.

Sugar Spell Scoops

In Sharpsburg is the city’s first vegan ice cream shop. Sugar Spell Scoops serves exclusively vegan ingredients, with cashew, hemp, and other nut-based ice creams. Concoctions are pure wizardry, constantly coming up with new flavor profiles. If just one scoop doesn’t satisfy your sweet tooth, you can order vegan ice cream cake or pre-order pints for your next celebration.

Photo courtesy of Happy Day Dessert Factory.

Happy Day Dessert Factory

The Happy Day Dessert Factory provides the most refreshing water ice on a hot summer day. Mango or lemon popsicle is exactly what you are looking for in a late summer dessert. If you want to try something unique, order Grandma’s Green Apple Ice Cream for a tangy treat. Located at 906A Western Ave., North Side Ice Cream Parlor regularly offers over 50 flavors of traditional homemade hard ice cream in addition to their vegan popsicle or almond ice cream variety.

At Gus & Yiayia

A must-see in the city that is sure to trigger your “summer in the park” nostalgia is At Gus & Yiayia. Found sitting happily under an umbrella next to his bright orange sno-ball cart, Gus took over his father’s small but busy business in 1951 and has been serving up refreshing treats ever since. Everything is comforting in the hometown – from ice cream sourced from DiMartino Ice Company to Jeannette, to homemade syrup flavors and the peanuts and popcorn that have long been on the cart’s menu. Every sunny day, you’ll find happy customers, young and old, enjoying their scoops of ice cream in the Allegheny Commons park on the north side. They even have their own model in the Carnegie Science Center’s Miniature Railroad & Village.

Millie's homemade ice cream

Photo courtesy of Millie’s Homemade Ice Cream.


With seven locations and three on-campus locations, you’re never far from having a ball of Millie’s house Ice cream in your hands. While the traditional handmade ice cream is top notch, don’t forget about the delicious dairy-free options. Fruit sorbets are wonderful, but a decadent dessert is dairy-free brownie batter, made with sustainably sourced coconut milk. It’s a lavish swap for a more traditional scoop. If somehow you can’t get your fix here in the ‘Burgh, Millie’s ships nationwide.

Naturoll Creamery Ice Cream

Sweet and savory at the NatuRoll dairy.

NatuRoll Creamery

With locations in Lawrenceville and Cranberry, NatuRoll Creamery pays homage to this unique Thai-style rolled ice cream technique. The vegan ice cream is flattened and rolled by hand with the ingredients of your choice, and the concentric circles sit perfectly in the bowl. Mix and match three toppings to customize your experience, creating new creations each visit. The dairy-free options are truly endless.

The milkshake factory

These silky smooth shakes The milkshake factory are made with soy and coconut, then finally spun with almond milk for velvety, ice-cold joy in a glass. A chocolate shop and soda fountain that started in Lawrenceville, this fourth-generation family business has been serving sweets since 1914. There are 10 different locations in the Pittsburgh area that offer shakes and chocolates.

Pittsburgh Vegetable Festival

Photo courtesy of Pittsburgh VegFest.

Pittsburgh Vegetable Festival

More and more curious about a plant-based diet? Head toward Pittsburgh vegetable festival August 27 at Allegheny Commons East in the Northside. The 8th Annual Outdoor Festival is a great way to support local businesses working to bring more alternative and diverse food options to the city. With food, shopping, live music and an event itinerary, this free festival offers a myriad of entertainment in the name of animal welfare advocacy.

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