7 mouth-watering snacks you need for the perfect home party with friends


Planning on getting your friends together at home and gorging on your favorite series or watching a good movie on OTT? Besides electricity and a good wifi connection, the most important thing you should have is food to make the party a success. The only thing that comes to everyone’s mind after hearing the word party is what to eat! It is therefore important to offer your friends appetizing and delicious snacks. Here are 7 of those snacks that will fill their tummies and wow your wallet!

Baked potato chips

These healthy and delicious crunchies add a tangy touch to your taste buds as they are seasoned with the exotic flavor of wasabi sour cream. Made with ragi, it’s high in calcium, iron, fiber, protein, and is healthy and just as tasty.

Price: Rs 240

Offer: Rs 228

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Chewable box

What is a watch party without boxes of popcorn? This crunchy box comes with three different flavored popcorns that will satisfy the taste preferences of each of your friends.

Price: Rs 450

Offer: Rs 399

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Assorted tea blend

Instead of making your mom angry by inviting all of your friends over and asking her to make tea for each of them. Get this matching tea blend that features a variety of flavors so your friends can choose the one they like the most.

Price: Rs 180

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Snack Dipsters

From caramel to chocolate, dips are perfect for those with a sweet tooth and like to indulge in cookies dipped in sweetness.

Price: Rs 480

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Chocolates are a staple, especially when inviting your friends over to the house. These coffee essence chocolate bars are a soothing break you need to calm your mind and tempt your taste buds.

Price: Rs 500

Offer: Rs 450

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Hot chocolate mix

If it’s not chocolate bars, get your hot chocolate mix here which can be considered heaven on the palate. Turn your hot or cold coffees into delicious mokas or make thick chocolate shakes with this delicious choco mix.

Price: Rs 450

Offer: Rs 440

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Muffin mix

Make mouth-watering chocolate muffins with this easy-to-make mix. All you have to do is add an egg, some milk, and some butter and, tada, your cute, yummy little muffins are ready!

Price: Rs 210

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