5 Horror Movies Shot During The Holidays (Besides Halloween)

After Halloween was released in 1978, it seemed impossible to imagine a more perfect time of year for a horror movie to take place. There’s the joy of trick-or-treating, dressing up and asking for candy, and the teenage excitement of going to a party and hopefully having a good night out. But even though there are some unforgettable horror movies set on Halloween, including the beloved Trick or treats from 2007, there are other horror movies to check out that take place during different holidays.


From July 4th to Christmas, there are some great horror movies fans should check out when they want to see a killer stalking teenagers in the heat of summer or watch a movie that might take place on December 24th but who has no holidays. mind.

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I know what you did last summerAmazon’s TV series isn’t all that great, but there’s something perfectly nostalgic about the 1997 film. It’s also a great summer horror flick that features the 4th of July.

As the town of Southport, North Carolina wants to have fun in the sun and celebrate the hot holidays, Julie James (Jennifer Love Hewitt) is, understandably, too busy thinking about the killer on the loose who wants revenge on her. . and his friends. This little town looks like one of the best places to enjoy a college summer vacation, which Julie should do, as it has a beautiful marina and peaceful water. Of course, the characters spend most of their time running from Ben Willis.

While valentine tends to be a forgotten horror movie from the 2000s, it’s enjoyable and also does a great job of spotlighting February 14th. The killer gets creative with this typically romantic (and often cheesy) party, delivering notes and killing people in the vein of Valentine’s Day.

The killer, Jeremy Melton (posing as Adam Carr, played by David Boreanaz), gives Lily (Jessica Cauffiel) chocolates containing maggots and slays her with arrows, reminiscent of Cupid’s famous weapon. Jeremy also wears Cupid’s masks as his villain costume. Everything works perfectly (but the audience might want to avoid candy and chocolate while eating given what Jeremy is doing to Lily). If it weren’t for the fact that this film takes place around Valentine’s Day, it might be truly forgettable, but that gives it an added edge that helps it stand out.

the Supernatural the creator wrote the horror movie Boogeymanand while it’s not the most beloved horror movie of all time, it has a fun story, a good main character, and is also partly set on Thanksgiving.

Tim Jensen (Barry Watson) visits his girlfriend Jessica’s (Tory Mussett) mom and dad for Thanksgiving, then has a vision of his mom telling him he should go to the house he grew up in. After Tim discovers his mom is dead, he returns to his childhood home to see if he can stop the Boogeyman once and for all. While audiences are probably used to experiencing family drama during these late fall holidays, dealing with loved ones is nothing compared to Tim’s journey. It’s completely safe to say that Tim wishes he could stay at Jessica’s family home for turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes and ignore the whole situation.

The two black christmas the 2006 and 2019 remakes each manage to evoke that specific winter holiday feeling, though it’s arguable that the 2006 remake is more engaging.

In this film, the sorority sisters spend time during the Christmas holidays in the house they share while being tormented by a killer. There’s one particularly crude scene that’s a dark take on the holiday spirit: Billy (Robert Mann) bakes his mother’s leftovers into Christmas cookies. While the film doesn’t put anyone in a festive mood, it does provide an interesting look at what can happen when a holiday turns horrible. The sorority house is beautiful and charming and would be the perfect place to celebrate (if it wasn’t for Billy, of course).

If there are horror films without Christmas spirit, Better be careful works brilliantly with the themes surrounding December 25 and delivers a stunning story that fans can’t help but think about.

Ashley (Olivia DeJonge) babysits Luke (Levi Miller), who seems totally sweet and innocent, although a bit creepy since he has a crush on her. Although the movie seems simple, there’s an incredible and unpredictable plot that fans will forever talk about that proves that making a Christmas horror movie should always be so fun, exciting, and unexpected.

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