5 Best Chocolate Shops in Oakland, CA

Below is a list of the best and top chocolate shops in Oakland. To help you find the best chocolate shops near you in Oakland, we’ve put together our own list based on this rating point list.

The best chocolate shops in Oakland:

The top rated chocolate shops in Oakland, CA are:

  • The candy – unique confection and customizable chocolate shop
  • See the sweets – has been making quality chocolate for over 95 years
  • The Chocolate Dragon Bittersweet Café and Bakery – small local owned chocolate cafe
  • The Oakland Chocolate Company – candy bean-to-bar maker
  • Michael’s Chocolates – has prestigious and skilled culinary chocolate makers who make their chocolates

The candy

Sweet chocolate shops in Oakland, CAThe candy is a boutique of unique confection and customizable chocolate. From the finest Belgian chocolates to fresh locally made delights, they are sure to have it. The shop serves a sweet and delicious selection of affordable yet unique chocolates. In addition, the team personally selects each sweet and chocolate product to meet the tastes of all its customers. Their goal is to create lasting memories in their candy-covered shop.

They offer a wide selection of chocolate bars and sugar-free candy selections. Additionally, they offer truffles, marzipan, and chocolate covered candies. They also have selections of Godiva products and gelatos.


chocolate, wafers, sweets


Address: 2050 Mountain Blvd, Oakland, CA 94611
Telephone: (510) 339-2962
Website: le-bonbon.com


“Amazing candy store. High end items, and a huge variety. A bit pricey, but overall pretty fair. My favorite place to get chocolate covered honeycombs. – Sade Kammen

See the sweets

Affordable Chocolate Shops in Oakland, CASee the sweets has been making quality chocolate for over 95 years. They pride themselves on their unique recipes in making chocolate bars. Plus, they create each chocolate bar using the finest, freshest ingredients. They are committed to making candy and chocolate the right way. The store is committed to creating each product with quality that never fails. Also, they have expanded to over 200 stores statewide.

They offer a wide selection of affordable yet creative chocolates. Plus, they have milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and unsweetened 70% dark chocolate bars. They also feature raspberry hearts and assorted caramels.


chocolate, caramel


Address: 5802 College Ave, Oakland, CA 94618
Phone: (510) 652-1099
Website: chocolateshops.sees.com


“It’s all about Nuts & Chews! Friendly, helpful staff with a no-rush attitude, always offering samples, well-stocked inventory!” – Teresa Sculpts

The Chocolate Dragon Bittersweet Café and Bakery

Artisanal Chocolatiers in Oakland, CA

The Chocolate Dragon Bittersweet Café and Bakery is a small local owned chocolate cafe. The shop has been serving chocolates and sweets for over 17 years. Plus, it’s a community-driven company that cares deeply about all of its valued customers. Their team is happy to get involved with their clients’ requests. The chocolate factory also serves coffee dishes and drinks.

The shop offers selections of chocolates with a unique taste. Also, some designs they offer include chocolate drinks, holiday chocolate, and chocolate bars. They also have Brazilian chocolates and Madagascar pepper chocolate.


holiday chocolate, chocolates


Address: 5427 College Ave, Oakland, CA 94618
Telephone: (510) 681-4456
Website: chocolatedragoncafe.com


“This place is phenomenal. The person who greeted me at the door was kind and fun to chat with. He made something for us that was no longer on the menu, and he really made us feel welcome. – Kit S

The Oakland Chocolate Company

tasty chocolate shops in Oakland, CA

The Oakland Chocolate Company is a bean-to-bar candy maker. The team exclusively uses cocoa beans from international sources such as Jamaica. They open the doors to new, exotic chocolate flavors for all of their customers. Plus, they have rich-tasting cocoa bars that use coconut sugar as the only sweetener. In addition, they feature a rich taste that is passed down from generation to generation.

They offer a wide selection of personalized and bespoke natural sweet chocolates. These include cocoa milk chocolate, cocoa chocolate and chocolate truffles. Additionally, they also have chocolate candies and choco black lava salt.


pastries, chocolate


Address: 1552L Beach St, Oakland, CA 94608
Telephone: (510) 545-2462
Website: theoaklandchocolateco.com


“Incredible chocolate creations! I love how she has established a strong connection with the cocoa farmers and their land. The assorted caramels are my favorite!” –LP

Michel’s chocolates

Rich Taste Chocolate Shops in Oakland, CA

Michel’s chocolates has prestigious and skilled culinary chocolate makers who make their chocolates. Plus, they’re happy to share their passion for chocolate creation with their customers. The chocolate factory offers custom orders, corporate gifts and sweet favors. Plus, they incorporate a simple, classic, and memorable feel into every chocolate product.

They create and offer a wide selection of authentic dark chocolate creations. Plus, these include passion fruit hearts, purple hazelnut crunch, and dark chocolate truffle. They also have wine chocolates and salted caramel bars.


chocolate, sweets


Address: 3352 Grand Avenue, Oakland, CA 94610
Phone: (510) 232-6262
Website: michaelchocolates.com


“I tried the salted butter caramel and the speculoos which was made for the holiday season and both were really delicious. I also had the salted caramel hot chocolate which was very good. The owner, Michael, is a very nice person who has so much knowledge about chocolate and wine. – Flore Zambakari

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