40 Best Chocolate Gifts – National Today

Gift Box Tower Appreciation Token

Everyone loves a good gift basket, especially if it comes with a veritable mountain of gourmet chocolates. This gift tower is a great way to say thank you or great job to your colleagues. We’re sure they’ll love the selection of chocolate chip cookies, chocolate covered pecan caramels, creme brulee trail mix, and gourmet caramel popcorn it contains.

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Crunchy, caramel and chocolate gift basket

Here is a selection of artisanal confectionery for your next Employee of the Month award. Chocolate, caramel and crunch are what you get in this tasty gift basket, which includes chocolate almond bars, chocolate and caramel covered pretzels, caramel corn kernels and even some of the best chocolate bars from Ghirardelli. Trust us; they will claim the next prize!

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Gift basket of exclusive chocolates

With enough chocolate to last for weeks, this gift basket will leave a great lasting impression. It contains several top-selling chocolate bars, hot chocolate mixes, chocolate sauces and milk chocolate treats that will leave your friends, family or co-workers giddy with delight!

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Ghirardelli wooden cable car 14 pieces

This is a cable car souvenir from one of America’s top chocolate companies, a charming wooden cable car filled with 14 luscious chocolate squares. Its cute design is only surpassed by the decadent selection of assorted chocolates it contains, which includes dark chocolate mints, 60% cocoa chocolate squares and milk chocolate squares.

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