2021 Home Hot Chocolate Festival, Brisbane


The Victoria Hot Chocolate Festival is back in August. And, like last year, it also brings you decadence. Whether you’re a Melburnian who can’t make it to one of the three locations outside of town, or you’re located somewhere else and really love hot chocolate, Yarra Valley Chocolate Factory unleashed boxes filled with creative hot chocolate flavors.

Like this year’s physical festival, the flavor lineup is released weekly – so you have an excuse to order more than a few boxes. To kick things off, there’s the Tim Tam Caramel Bomb, which turns caramel Tim Tams into a ball and serves it with hot caramel chocolate. Also tempting: the Devonshire kronut version features a berry hot chocolate topped with – you guessed it – a wreath. And, the Snickertini includes shots of Baileys and vodka, while the Dreamtime hot chocolate features lemon myrtle.

Fingers crossed that fan favorite flavors like Tim Tam Slam and Golden Nutella Spoon will appear throughout the month, along with the more adventurous tastes of If You Like Piña Colada, Zingy Chilli and Cherry Matcha.

All limited edition hot chocolates come with an extra dose of hot couverture chocolate and artisan marshmallow. Plus, in previous years, some of the highlights have arrived with explosive marshmallows, melting chocolate discs, and truffle balls.

If the pack of eight flavors each week is a bit too expensive – it’ll set you back $ 49.95 – you can order individual varieties for $ 6.50 a pop as well.

The boxes are available to order until the end of August, and there is a flat rate shipping charge of $ 15 anywhere in Australia.

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