12 days of Christmas balls: A dozen fun decorations for your tree

This is not the year of tradition.  Decorate your tree when and how you want.

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This is not the year of tradition. Decorate your tree when and how you want.

While the debate rages on when you are ‘designed’ to set up your Christmas tree (after the year we have had, we fully understand the desire to go early and start decorating), it seems. that December 1 lead the popular vote.

For those who play at home, the calendar moves to December Wednesday, so it’s time to get your lights out, polish your balls and replenish your stocks.

For those who want to improve their game or start over, here are 12 of our favorite decorations available for purchase now.

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A parrot in a pine tree

Do I know what a partridge looks like? No. Do I know what a pear tree looks like? Also no.

What I’m sure is that there is no way the suit could be as amazing as this Gisela Graham Fantasy Hummingbird decoration.

Two resin turtles

Whoever wrote the 12 days of Christmas must have been an ornithologist because he was obsessed with birds.

This year, I’m spreading the love to include reptiles and swap doves for turtles carrying gifts.

Three formidable acorns

Acorns add a luxurious tactile touch to a tree. Choose from three tones of Christmas-appropriate jewelry: green, red, or golden ocher.

Four calling birds

If your vibe is serene and stylish, then these adorably plump robins (robins call birds, I looked) are for you.

They come in a set of six, so you’ll have an extra pair in case two do fly out.

Five Golden Hokey Pokey Treats

What could be better than a golden Christmas decoration? An edible Christmas ornament in gold, of course.

These delicious chips are made by the Auckland Chocolate House from J.Friend & Co beech honey and dipped in 55 percent dark chocolate, that is, they are delicious. They come in a spotted triangular box that looks super festive too.

Six laying geese

If you had asked me what song geese lay, I wouldn’t have said “marble effect eggs,” but as we established earlier, I’m no bird expert.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be an expert to see the appeal of these balls, which are very pretty in a Versace style.

Seven stingrays swimming

What is more summer in the southern hemisphere than a stingray basking in the warm shallows? I love the bright blue hue of this glass ornament, the sparkling sequins remind me of the sparkling sea.

Eight bricks of milk

Leave the milk on the tree and give Santa something he really wants to drink.

Nine dancing disco balls

Christmas is the holiday season, and nothing says the party like a disco ball. Hang them up and you will be Rockin ‘around the Christmas tree in no time.

Ten Lorde jumps

It’s Aotearoa New Zealand after all. Drill a hole in the top of these extremely unofficial Lorde prints, thread a ribbon and voila, Lorde decorations!

Eleven Christborn Balls

It is certainly the most conventional decoration to appear in this edition, but also perhaps the most fascinating.

The glittery pattern reminds me of those Christmas cookies my mom would never let me get, the ones that were individually wrapped and were really intricately glazed but probably tasted like cardboard. This ball won’t taste good either.

Bus and Christmas tree decoration 12cm

What’s not to like about a 4 inch metal hippie van that hauls an oversized tree on the roof. It’s kitsch, it’s fabulous, it’s Christmas.

* The decoration of the bus shown in this edition is from The Warehouse.

* Click to buy links are included at Stuff’s editorial discretion, but in this article we are including one for our advertising partner The Warehouse.

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