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Paris, March 11, 2022 – KKO INTERNATIONAL (FR0013374667 – ALKKO – PEA-PME)

KKO INTERNATIONAL, a major player in the production of cocoa beans and now present in processing, announces the conclusion of a large order in cocoa paste, for the year 2022, by IBERCACAO, a company whose head office is located in the province of Toledo in Spain.

This order will be shipped from Abidjan (Ivory Coast) to the port of Valencia (Spain).

The order to date concerns a total volume of 1,000 tonnes and could be supplemented by additional volumes of up to 1,500 tonnes. We are happy today to see our first containers arrive in Spain for our client


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Building on this initial success in the company’s transformation and transformation activities, we are already in negotiations with new customers to supply “fine mass” and couverture chocolate, products with higher added value.

We hope to concretize and communicate soon on future customers and orders.


KKO INTERNATIONAL has built a fully traceable Tree-To-Bar model in Ivory Coast. It operates one of the largest cocoa plantations in the world where it combines the innovative practices of sustainable agriculture and an ecologically and socially responsible mode of operation. It processes its beans through its chocolate processing plant, which makes it a unique economic model in the sector.

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Isin: FR0013374667 – ALKKO Eligible for PEA-PME


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