10 healthy smoothie bowls that will change your life


Have you ever wondered what a smoothie bowl is and how it flooded the internet in the blink of an eye? Well, a smoothie bowl is basically a smoothie that’s much thicker in consistency and eaten in a bowl. Hence the name “Smoothie Bowl”. They’re usually filled with toppings of your choice, which range from anything as sweet as a banana to anything as crispy as granola, nuts or seeds and more, making it an exciting part of the. bowl. Smoothie bowls are simple, easy and quick to prepare, can be colorful and tasty as well as a healthier breakfast choice to start the day.

The main ingredients in a smoothie bowl are frozen or fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables and other healthier topping choices such as fruits, nuts, seeds, coconut chips, granola and more. yet, rich in micro and macronutrients. Smoothie bowls are in puree form, which makes them easy to eat and digest. They are packed with nutrients like fiber, protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats, each from fruits or vegetables, dairy or plant-based dairy products, nuts and seeds. As smoothie bowls are rich in fiber and natural sugars, it allows better digestion, improves satiety, allows better absorption of all nutrients. It also improves bowel movements, prevents infections, boosts immunity, maintains a healthy heart, and improves quality of life.

Why are smoothie bowls good?

The smoothie bowls are not only colorful and attractive to look at, but they also taste fantastic with a touch of flavor and the quality of the crisp toppings used with every bite you take. One trick that can be used at home is to simply add the hated fruits and veggies while making your smoothies! These can be consumed by adults, including pregnant and breastfeeding women, and children as they are healthy and consist of natural sources of ingredients safe for all. They’re also packed with energy and are a great way to start the day right. Adding a vitamin C-rich fruit like berries or a dash of lemon juice will also help boost your immunity. Superfoods such as turmeric, cinnamon, nuts, etc. can also be incorporated in small amounts as they are rich in nutrients which prevent various health problems.

There is a wide variety of toppings to choose from and can be used depending on your preference for smoothie bowls such as fruit slices (apple / banana / mango etc), coconut shavings, grated chocolate, mixed berries / pistachios / almonds / walnuts / chia seeds / flax seeds / pumpkin seeds / watermelon seeds / granola / toasted oats, dates / honey and more. To prepare your favorite smoothie bowl in just 2 steps and takes less than 5 minutes to prepare, i.e. mix all the ingredients in a blender and transfer it to a bowl and top it off with the toppings from your choice.

If you already make smoothie bowls at home and are fed up with the usual ingredients used, scroll down for healthier recipes with a twist.

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